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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 5, 2012 2:30am-4:00am EST

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this morning on "world news now" -- the misery is mounting. a week after hurricane sandy struck. people wonder how much more they can take of being cold, hungry, and homeless. >> and those long lines for gas go on and on and on. it is monday, november 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. in a moment, an ominous new forecast for some of the most desperate people in the hurricane zone. very cold weather and a nor'easter, are now on the way. that is not what folks want to hear if you are in a vulnerable beach or waterfront community
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now and the waves kick up again come wednesday. going to be kind of tough. a tough weather week for those folks. also ahead it is election eve right now. have a look at how the candidates are making the most of their final hours on the campaign trail. the country is ready to vote. and those two guys have to be exhausted and ready for this thing to end either way. uh-huh. then it is train versus truck. it is all caught onmazing end t the man in the right place at the right time when it happened. later the new york city marathoners who went the extra mile for storm victims after their own hopes were dashed. you know what i mean -- i know a big controversy whether to have the marathon or not. it is good a greater good came out of it that maybe storm victims got help they may not otherwise have gotten had the race proceeded as planned. first on this monday morning, temperatures are dropping in the places hard hit by super storm sandy. for the million or more homes or
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businesses without power the cold adds to the misery. >> now we learned tens of thousand of residents will need a new place to live because their homes were damaged or destroyed. with more now here is abc's rich cantu. >> reporter: another day, another pilgrimage to the pump for hundred of thousands. hurricane sandy has left behind a fuel famine. >> i have been waiting for 4 1/2 hours to be honest with you. and it is an ordeal. >> reporter: while gas is low, frustrations are high. >> every time we come around a different cop telling us to go back the same way. >> reporter: some gassed up. >> i am happy i got a little bit. >> reporter: some scenes turned ugly. this man was arrested after he allegedly tried to fill a gas can from an off-limits pump. the first of ten fema sites opened, dispensing free gas, up to 10 gallons. first fillups went to first responders.
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>> hey! >> reporter: lights are slowly coming become to life. >> american red cross we have hot meals. >> reporter:en many crippled communities, no electricity means they depend on charity just to eat. >> the meal is finished they gave out their last meals. >> reporter: and temperatures are dropping. >> it is starting to get cold. people are in homes that are uninhabitable. it is going to become increasingly clear that uninhabitable when the temperature drops. >> reporter: there is a liquid relief of a different sort on the way. anheuser-busch, better known for brewing budweiser is retooling taps to can water instead of beer. sending 45,000 cases to the area on the house, good for the tea totalers toast when the juice comes back on. >> good for the company. right now they, they say 86,000, new york area household have registered for federal disaster assistance, totaling $100 million so far.
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that number will surely only rise as more time goes on. >> so many people that are displayed that actually are, are still in their homes, but with no power and now that we have this wicked storm that is potentially going to come through in the middle of the week. without electricity. without power. so the biggest needs right now, for a lot of these folks, batteries, blankets. baby supplies. >> basics. >> absolutely the basics. we have people here on our staff that have lost everything too. it's just, you know, there is no place for them to go. staying with family. >> there are distribution shelters around to get some basics. try to find out where those places are. on top of that besides mother nature, temperatures, nor'easter on the way, some don't want to leave their homes, the looters have come out in some neighborhood. i don't want to leave. i have to protect what little i have left. in a tough, tough spot all the way around. give whatever you can for those of you in a possession to do so. a lot of folks up here are in a tough spot on many, many levels. really are. >> as my, my pastor pointed out.
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generosity is not a state of money, a state of mind. we had some, some folks that are affiliated with our church from the slums in india that raised almost $10,000. talking about one of the poorest places in the world. managed to raise $10,000 to help people in this area. >> generosity of spirit. >> it is. so true. not only are temperatures dropping, a major storm is now taking aim at the region midweek. >> accuweather meteorologist jim dickey joining us this morning with the latest on the new threat. hi, jim. >> good morning, rob, paula. another chilly morning here across the nor east. these are the temperatures you can expect as you step out the door this morning. many spots. in new england, into the 20s. many spots across new jersey, the new york city area, still without power. temperatures around the freezing point. that's not what we want to see. not what we want to see headed forward is threat for a nor'easter. exactly what we are dealing with. a surge of cold air out of the nation's midsection, tracking the system, and strengthening.
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late wednesday, early thursday when the system rolls its way in. we are looking for rain driven rain in the spots, affected by sandy. nothing like what we saw with sandy. causing coastal flooding all the same. threat of snowfall further in. rob, paula. back to you. now to the race for the white house. in the final hours of campaign 2012, candidates locked in a tense, tight battle. jamming in as many spots in as many important places as they can. when we say jamming in, that's no joke. >> racking up the frequent flier miles. with a day to go. what is the last second strategy. good morning. >> good morning, rob and paula. it is expected to be a photo finish. both side are trying to get the edge by racing from swing state to swing state trying to win over those undecided voters. a frantic pace for mitt romney and president obama in the final stretch, crisscrossing the swing states. mitt romney, 14 stops in seven
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states. president obama, 14 stops in eight states. the latest abc news/"washington post" poll shows the race essentially deadlocked. 49% of like low voters support obama. 48% romney. >> so we made real progress, florida, the past four years. >> reporter: the candidates and their runningmates all made stops in the critical battleground state of ohio. of course they had duelling messages for voters. >> i know what real change looks like. it's because i fought for it. because i delivered it. we can't give up on it now. >> you hope that president obama would live up to his promis to bring people together to solve big problems. but he hasn't. and i will. >> reporter: also on romney's schedule, pennsylvania. a tradiditionally democratic ste that romney is making a play for. >> the people of america understand we are taking back the white house because we are going to win pennsylvania. >> reporter: as the the race for votes continues in florida,
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chaos for those trying to cast their ballots. >> let us vote! >> reporter: so many voters showed up to a miami polling center and overwhelmed the employees who briefly closed it. still millions have voted in florida. tens of millions voted early nationwide. so, now only one full day of campaigning left. mitt romney makes five stops, starting in florid president obama makes three stops and then heads home to chicago. rob, paula. >> thanks a lot. obviously good to see the nation engaged in terms of what could bea record number of early voters this time around. in case you are wondering how it is shaking out. they say the early volt for republicans in north carolina, colorado, and looks good for democrats in iowa, nevada and ohio. though ohio is a little trekkie to get a sense of just yet. the president up by five, six points in that state according to most polls right now. it is good the engagement is
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high and enthusiasm is up there. >> just make sure your voice is heard at the polls. >> stand in the line, folks. here in new york the police charged a nanny in the deaths of the two young children in her care. ortega is recovering from self-inflicted stab wound and remains in the hospital under guard. that case certainly just chilled the nation a few days back. >> just tragic. to a dramatic crash caught on camera. amazingly everyone walks away without so much as a scratch. >> unbelievable. take a look at the freight train barrelling along a railroad track in utah as a water truck tries to get across. the truck is smashed to pieces but the two men inside are not hurt at all. james wood was recording the train for his 4-year-old son when the crash took place. he said he rushed to the truck, expecting to find everyone dead.
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a reasonable expectation. how those guys got out of there, i will never know. wow. >> no word to be able to explain that one. maybe a legion of guardian angels. nhl and players' union expected to hold another round of talks tomorrow, tuesday. after meeting over the weekend for the first time in two weeks. >> today marks day 51 of the lockout which dashed hopes for a full nhl season. canceled the winter classic. and all october and november games. the main sticking point is how player contracts will be honored once the split of hockey related revenue is cut to 50/50. >> get that done. >> the trials and tribulations of millionaires and billionaires. oh. >> coming up time for monday morning quarterbacking courtesy of yours truly. i hate it when people refer to themselves as yours truly. i will sit down to talk week nine. >> first, thousand of runners who could not run the new york city marathon this weekend.
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sign up at and another nfl weekend is almost in the books. here to talk about all the highlights and a little bit of lowlights as usual, on this monday morning, jason page of espn radio-new york. jais jason, welcome back. >> rolled out the carpet. >> with some -- >> you butchered this table. you butchered this fine spread. picking the meat out of the sandwich without eating the bread. picking the meat out of the sandwich without eating the bread. >> speaking of butchering. >> jets didn't play.
2:45 am
good news they didn't lose. >> exactly. colts? dolphins? just what do you think the colts are going to be written off. rookie quarterback. rebuilding mode. rookie quarterback goes off. setting a rookie record. in the playoff discussion. >> they are. andrew luck having a fantastic season. continues to play well. look, dolphins have a great quarterback in ryan tannehill. he and reggie bush. offense starting to click for the dolphins. and bush had a fantastic run here. kept the dolphins more than close in the game. end of the day. ty hilton, andrew luck. the two connect. luck has a special day. for a rookie record. breaks his own record. two touchdowns. no interceptions. robert griffin iii all you want. i'll take andrew luck. at 5-3. >> would you take eli manning against the steelers. not eli's best day. give him a mulligan today. steelers come back.
2:46 am
kidding everything they had to go through. didn't get here until game day. everything going on, east coast with hurricane sandy. managed to go into the giants' house and beat them. >> going to met life stadium. run the football very well. look, the giants lighten this game. 2010. at the end of the day they had no right winning the football game. had 180-something yard of toef tallow fence of the ga -- yards of total offense. that was their lone offensive touch yun today. that one right there. rest of the was ben roethlisberger. alex redmond. 182 yard on the ground for redmond. 147 yard on the ground for dmond, rather. steelers, 24-20. giants, 6-3. defensive touchdown for the giants. that was about it to day. it was all downhill from there. look, the giants led 2010 in this game. going into the fourth quarter. >> again, some people will question whether or not lack of
2:47 am
preparation because of the fact that they were able to get in. and prepare because of hour cane sandy. a lot of people may say it had something to do with it the giants won't. a lot of people might. >> the one team the giants don't want to face in the post season would be the bears. the bears, obliterated the titans. today. 51-20. their most points since 1980. great defensive effort. forced three turnovers in the first -- >> every week. they do it every week. >> first 13 minutes. >> well, matt hasselbeck is well past his crime. >> traveling right to brian urlacher. >> would have been a good day for matt hasselbeck. look, let's face it. he is towards the end of his career. looking for a quarterback in the future. he is not it. one thing the bears do, turn you over more than any other team. they're number one against the rush. next two weeks, interesting for chicago. the schedule gets a little more difficult for that. they get houston next week.
2:48 am
couple of minutes. then they get san francisco. want to talk about two games where if you love defense you are going to love the chicago bears. >> i will be at the game. playing texans. two teams on sunday night football. i will be there next sunday. i won't be here. i will be a fan. >> i'm boycotting. if you're not here. >> are you sure? what game next week? >> houston/chicago. dallas/philadelphia. >> i'm not taking the jersey off until the bears lose again. >> okay. going to wear it to bed? >> i will. >> everything. >> i'm going to wash it. put a little deodorant on. >> oh, my. >> sund look you have be-- soun have been bathing in the sandwiches. >> the four games we vote on every week, you, "world news now" nation, lead the way with rob and myself, the commish bringing up the rear. going 2-2.
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just dig in. you're watching "world news now." >> just pick it up and take a big bite. [
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♪ i am alive ♪ if everyone loves in the aftermath of hurricane sandy, the new york city marathon was canceled. that had never happened before. not even after 9/11. >> once the race was canceled though runnersen town to run the 26.2 miles, sprinted into action to help those in the ravaged community of staten island. wabc's reporter, jim dolan has the story of remarkable volunteers. >> reporter: on staten island where devastation from the storm is greate esest in the city.
2:51 am
many volen tear whose had come to help originally cam to city to run the marathon. since it was canceled, well they were here. >> we are here to help out. a lot of people here in need. we were supposed to run the marathon. that's really nothing compared to what is going on here. so we just wanted to lend a hand in whatever way we could. >> reporter: in the bronx too, runners who trained all year so they could raise money to help others, a group called world vision, figured they could help others right here and right now. >> the disapin themepointment t into something great, something really amazing. people have come together and turning this bad situation into something good. >> reporter: it is not to be sure the weekend they hoped for. it may actually be a little better. >> i am not going to lie we are a little sad that we don't get to run. at the core of world vision we are here because we want to serve people. and we respond to that. >> that's good. >> lot of good people in this world. >> yeah, despite, division, controversy, a greater good did
2:52 am
come out of canceling events. bravo off to the volunteer whose helped out. >> coming up, how you can get a text message from space? >> "the mix" is next.
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welcome back, everybody to "the mix" here. how does it sound to you? >> great. >> married for how long? >> married did you say for how long? >> 12 years. >> how does a $1.2 million wedding how would that have sounded to you 12 years ago. paid for, done by somebody else. >> in jackson michigan you would have to vote everybodien town, have shrimp, lobster and filet. probably wouldn't be that much. >> get this "bride" magazine set to announce, offering its help toing or nigh and pay for a $1.2 million wedding, april 7 in california. one caveat, the bride and groom must allow all of the decisions
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about their special day be voted on and curated by followers on social media like facebook and twitter. a promotional thing, "bride" mag zen has seen a decline in ad revenue. randy zuckerberg, the sister of mark zuckerberg is helping produce the event on line. they will donate a dl ollar to charity of the couple's choice. for everybody who likes something related to the wedding. host the wedding, 7:00 p.m., sunday, on line, when face book gets its most traffic. leave wedding details in the hand of strangers but get $1 million wedding out of it. i think folks may jump on that. >> they will. do they get to pick out bridesmaids and everything. >> everything left up to facebook. all advertising you know the deal. free wedding at the mercy of the public.
2:57 am
>> something else free. get a look at the international space station, cruising in outer space. seen up for text messages. they will text you when it is above you. new service, spot the station. send you the text message. it was launched to celebrate, tt 12th anniversary of crews living and working on the station. when skies are clear it appears as a fast moving point of light. go to >> see this thing moving by. not bad. this story i picked. i don't know why. monday. light day here. this is a dish from kfc in china. and it is a dish that features meatballs and for whatever reason, there is meatballs there. they make them smile at you. just something stupid and ridiculous on what has been a very long week and a half, in the news business. smiling meatball from china. >> do you feel better? >> rob is altruistic. a new study, the smell of fresh bread. not this, stale bagel.
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>> makes
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this morning on "world news now" -- one day away. we are just over 24 hours until the polls open. the candidates work nearly 'round-the-clock battling for every last vote. >> a frantic pace in the final stretch. it's monday, november 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i cannot believe it is november 5th already. >> it is. >> go time. >> it is go time. let's finally do it. got an extra hour of sleep. feeling good. and it is election eve. good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. the race this morning, basically where it has been for weeks now. a total dead heat. three national polls show the
3:01 am
race completely deadlocked. >> we are going to have much more on the presidential election and candidates' mad dash toward the finish line. first a look at some of the other stories we are following for you on this monday morning. sandy's aftermath. as the temperatures plunge. there is new worry for the million people still without power this morning. another powerful storm may be on the way. heartbreaking images. people frying trying to stay wa. turning the gas, ignition, gas on their stove on to stay warm. people who have basically nothing. now they may get hit with another cold front. >> the mayor estimates here in new york, 20,000 new yorkers could be homeless as a result of this. the temperatures dip. if you have a medical condition you are vulnerable. elderly, you are vulnerable. a dangerous situation. now a nor'easter sound like definitely headed towards the area some times on wednesday. if you are in a vulnerable area. more rain and wind not what y
3:02 am
need or want to hear about. details on that. this morning, a story of survival in the face of sandy. a hiker on a journey of a lifetime becomes stranded in the height of the storm. the dramatic rescue in the nick of time and it is caught on tape. an abc news investigation, why a group of activists could be watching you at the polls. watching you closely. maybe intimidating you a little bit. >> that's a telling story there too. the polls. fun neap. all most seems like martial law. team of investigators. department of jufs tis sending monitors. monitors monitoring the monitors. you have this group. >> lawyers. >> a million people at the polls. lawyers, a messy tuesday for sure. >> can we just vote in peace? >> it would be nice. >> and sing. it would be nice. >> campaigning, planning, weeks of barn storming, the battleground states come down to one day, manana, tomorrow.
3:03 am
>> finally here, folks. election eve. 2012. one day to go. for a look at how the candidates are spending the final hours, we turn to abc's reporter. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning rob and paula. it is expected to be a photo finish. and both side are trying to get the edge by racing from swing state to swing state, trying to within over those undecided voters. a frantic pace for mitt romney and president obama in the final stretch, crisscrossing the swing states. mitt romney, 14 stops in seven states. president obama, 14 stops in eight states. the latest abc news/"washington post" poll shows the race essentially deadlocked. 49% of likely vote sears port obama. 48% romney. >> so we made real progress, florida, the past four years. >> reporter: the candidates and their runningmates all made stops in the critical battleground staet of hte of ho.
3:04 am
>> i know what real change looks like. because i fought for it. i delivered it. we can't give of on it now. >> you hope that president obama would livep to his promise to bring mem people together to so big problems. but he hasn't and i will. >> reporter: on romney's schedule, pennsylvania. a traditionally democartic state that romney is making a play for. >> the people of america understand we're tining back the white house because we are going to win pennsylvania. >> reporter: as the race for votes continue thousands in florida, chaos for those trying to cast their ballots. >> let us vote! >> reporter: so many voters showed up to a miami polling center it overwhelmed the employees who briefly closed it. still, millions hatch voted in florida, tens of millions voted early nationwide. so, now only one full day of campaigning left. mitt romney makes five stops starting in florida. president obama makes three stops and then heads home to chicago.
3:05 am
rob, paula. >> thank you. and it is kind of interesting. i don't know what is going on down in florida you think with their dubious election history there in the sunshine state after 2000. we remember the debacle. knew it was a night rating. both candidates were urging early voting. turnout was going to be strong. early voting. could have set record numbers this year. why weren't they better prepared to handle the rush? why is the governor unlook two republican predecessors not extending early voting there. why are we seeing scenes like that in florida. hard to believe. makes you wonder what is going on. >> plethora of nightmare scenarios why we may not know the results of this until a week, week and a half down the road. one of them is in florida. there is 27,000 absentee ballots in palm beach county that can't beep read by voting machines because of a printing error. so now you are going to have to have liaawyers from both side, potentially raising challenges this could get ugly. >> could get very ugly.
3:06 am
everything hinging on ohio. upset with the secretary of state. there are changes. hate to say it. don't beep surprised if parts of it end up in court again. we coach it doesn't. early signs are not encouraging. >> no. >> watch it all play out starting tomorrow. >> stay with abc news for complete coverage of the presidential election. >> diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos will be in our times square election headquarters. our entire political team will be out in force for what as we said could be a long night no matter what folks go out there and vote. be heard. >> very long night. maybe stretching into a very long couple of weeks. >> yes. >> sandy's aftermath could have an impact on the election. some voters will be casting ballots in places from their usual polls. some polling places will be running on generators. emergency lights and portable toilets. >> the aftermath continue thousands. now a new storm could hit the region by middle of this week. accuweather's jim dickey is
3:07 am
joining us with more on that. hi, jim. >> good morning, rob, paula. tracking a system. fairly innocent looking right now. light rain through the midwest. continue to track its way southward as we head through the day. spreading showers and thunderstorms. southern plains, loper mississippi valley. as we head forward, system. building blocks what looks to be a classic nor'easter will hug the coast. north and eastward. through midweek. wind-driven rain will arrive, wednesday night. last on through thursday. for england novell. this is not what we want to see. nothing like what we saw sandy. a powerful system bringing heavy rain, wind. 30, 40 miles an hour will cause coastal flooding. rob, paula. back to you. >> thanks, jim. not the news we want to hear. officials worry that the cold temperatures will mean tens of thousands of folks whose homes were damaged will need places to live. volunteers spread out in some of the heartest hit areas, handing out food. bottled walter and warm clothes.
3:08 am
more than a million homes and businesses are still without power. >> it's starting to get cold. people are in homes. that are uninhabitable. it is going to become increasingly clear they're uninhabitable. when the temperature drops. >> besides red cross shelters. any one with the storm damaged home could get a voucher for temporary housing in a hotel. be sure to look into that if you need to. a reminder, all day today here at abc and on your pro local abc station. an unprecedented day of giving. your chance to pitch in off to help with hurricane sandy relief efforts. on top of the walt disney commitment, today, abc will help raise money for the red cross. beginning with "good morning america," running through jimmy kimmel late tonight. all network and syndicated shows will give out of the message how you can donate on the web and
3:09 am
1-800-help-now. you can text. lots of ways to help. keep it here on abc all day. fema is pitching in with fuel for the storms. the agency started to deliver 24 million gallons of fuel over the weekend. ten distribution centers they set up in new york and new jersey. some of the fuel is only for first responders. at other sites. drivers can get up to ten gallons of gas. at the gas stations open people are still waiting hours. and this is no exaggeration. hours to fill up. >> one of the true nightmares of the aftermath. a very sad incident at the pittsburgh zoo. a 2-year-old child was killed at an exhibit featuring wolf-like creatures called painted dogs. the child's mother lifted him on to a railing. but he slipped and then fell some 15 feet into the pen. that's when the pack of dogs attacked. zookeepers lured them away but had to shoot and kill one who did not respond. the zoo is now closed
3:10 am
indefinitely. those african dogs they had to shut down that particular zoo earlier this year because several of them escaped and were running around. >> i wonder why the mother would have her kid up on the rail knowing what was below. horrible story. >> i know. it is tragic. some times you lift your kid up so they can get a better peek if they pulled themselves over. th're quick. kids can react in a second. >> it's sad. sad. >> awe history was made at the willis tower, formerly the sears tower in chicago. a 31-year-old man climbed all 103 floors with a bionic leg. >> this story is incredible. zach vaulter lost his right leg in ape motorcycle accident three years ago. now has a staflt the art prosthetic leg controlled by his mind. electrical impulses travel from his brain to his hamstring, triggering movement in his are the quishl leg. >> the charity climb of 2100 steps took, about 45 minutes. and raised money for the
3:11 am
rehabilitation institute of chicago which helped develop the technology in his leg. amazing. >> congratulations, man. technology. whoo, impressive. >> coming up our coverage of tuesday's election continues after the break. >> next an abc news investigation. a group with tea party afall yagafall -- affiliations could be watching you at the polls. why some say it is a classic cass of voter intimidation. ♪ i have no privacy ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ ♪ tell me is it just a dream? ♪ ♪ when i come home at night e, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health.
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♪ why do i always feel like i'm in the twilight zone ♪ i always feel like somebody is watching me ♪ >> started over a little 24 hours, an abc news investigation into what some are calling voter intimidation. >> this is a serious story. the group is a million people strong and they're already at the polls and bep ware they're watching you. abc's dan harris is keeping an eye on them. >> reporter: theresa sharp, a grandmother, in battleground
3:16 am
ohio says she voted in every election since she was 18. >> voting to me is like sacred. >> reporter: imagine her surprise when she got this letter in the mail. >> you are hereby notified your right to vote has been challenged by a qualified elector. >> reporter: six family members got similar letters. >> there is somebody out here trying to scare people into not voting. >> reporter: who is behind this? a grassroots organization called truethevote. a >> willful fraudulent behavior. >> reporter: is your goal really to end voter fraud or is your goal to real in tim date voters who disagree politically. >> our goal is stew enkto ensur citizens to get involved in the process. >> they're doing a community service. >> just the poor, black neighborhood. everybody else is clean. >> theresa star has nothing to worry about.
3:17 am
our citizens go into this, race blind, party blind. >> not in any way directly targeting thes communities? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: true the vote is vowing to mobilize 1 million pole watchers to look out for fraud like people voting multiple times. activists have been accused of harassment. she insists true the vote is unpartisan. show she runs a separate group and made it clear she would look to see president obama lose. and here is another twist. study after study has found vaughter fraud to be virtually nonexistence. another study in 2005, showed that the federal government was charging more americans with violating migratory bird statutes than election fraud. >> what we have experienced suggests there is room for improvement. >> the cabbie threw out the challenge against her. the other day she voted early without incident. true the vote now has poll
3:18 am
watchers out at early voting mralgss, including normal neighborhood. planks have already begun. dan harris, ax news, new york. >> everybody wants integrity. matter of people watching. what bias and agenda dupe they bring to the table. you have to watch out for that on both side. >> yes, it is subjective. though you hope it wouldn't be. well, still to come our monday morning edition of "insomniac theater." we are going to take a look at the denzel washington movie "flight." >> first, a man stranded in the middle of the wilderness as the the full force of hurricane sandy hit and huh he managed to make his way to safety. you are watching "world news now."
3:19 am
♪ come on baby and rescue me >> last week with sandy's havoc on the northeast, a hiker was caught unaware in the mountains
3:20 am
of tennessee with record amount of snow falling. >> the hiker became trapped and small group of rescuers braved the cold wind and the snow to track him down. abc's clayton sandel has the story. >> reporter: steven aimsworth was running out of time. the 56-year-old hiker set out in tennessee on the final leg of a 2,000-mile hike along the appalachian trail. but super storm sandy hit unexpectedly fast, dropping record levels of snow. he was stranded in a tiny shelter for three days. hiking to safety impossible. >> it took me eight hours to go about a mile and a quarter. >> reporter: with food and water running out and unable to feel his freezing feet, aimsworth needed help. his phone managed enough signal to reach 911. >> i was in pretty tough shape at that point. >> reporter: deep snow blocked rescuers on the ground. brad lund and his team took to the skies. >> we were able to follow his footprints in the snow for
3:21 am
approximately a mile and a half. and that's how we finally located him. >> reporter: conditions turned treacherous. >> the wind was howling. >> like riding a roller coaster and bump cars. >> reporter: dodging trees, he is lowered to aims. worth. his shoes are frozen. >> stuck his head out of the tent. hung his head down low. he has never ben so happy to see some body. >> reporter: dangling in his socks, aimsworth is finally rescued. they said the first thing to me "did you bring a credit card?" and i said, "i did." they said, good "you are big the steaks." i said "as long as i can have the first one." >> aimsworth is fine and grateful. >> they will say, that's our job, that's what we are supposed to do. but i am telling you that is more than a job. >> reporter: clayton sandel, abc news, denver.
3:22 am
>> amazingly he walked away from what appears now just frostbite. >> lucky guy. uh. >> we're right back. to treat your toughest skin concerns? join the counter revolution and switch to olay pro-x to see results in 28 days. anti-aging results so you look up to 12 years younger. reduce the look of pores and fight red acne for clearer skin get cleansing results as effective as a $200 system no matter what your skincare issues you'll see results in 28 days guaranteed join the counter revolution with potent, professional, pro-x. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses,
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♪ ♪ >> rob, that was the great rendition on the saxophone live. uh-huh. time now for "insomniac theater." thats you was playing just now the saxophone. >> yeah, yes it was. >> our take on the movie that came in second place at the box office over the week end. >> the film "flight" features denzel washington getting incredible reviews for his personal performance. was the movie worth checking out. amanda vanallen checked out the film and is here to let us know what she thought. you are smiling. you got to spend two hours with
3:26 am
your boy. >> come on, we could have put the movie on mute. no, it was a really, really good movie. but only because denzel washington was the star of the film. i thought that -- toward the end of the movie, they kind of rushed a little bit. and there were some plot holes. because denzel was the star, you were "like what plot holes, this is great." >> i don't need volume. >> i don't need to turn tip up at all. no, a really good movie, the scene right here was very, very intense. i felt lick i wke i was on the . i needed to buckle my seatbelt. it was a lot of fun. >> basically crash landing. he saves mostly everyone on board. >> he saves mostly everyone on board. afterward there is discrepancy, whether any of his actions had to do with the crash landing of the plane. so the whole movie goes through, you know was it his fault? wasn't it his fault? he was battling demons throughout the film.
3:27 am
>> making my stomach queasy watching that. >> wait until you get into the move ve theater with a huge screen. let's listen to what a couple movie-goers had to say about this one. >> it was really well done. i liked character development. and i really enjoyed it. >> i know a lot of denzel fans are going to kick my behind. i'm sorry, i have seen better films from him. not one of his best at all. >> man a little bit on the cliched side. it was good. >> you have to come to terms with his reality and stop lying and running away from his, use. it wasn't just about the flight. more a personal journey. >> oh. >> yeah, he had a personal journey throughout the film. great thing about the film was that, den gel wzel wasn't playi typical denzel character. playing less, not the hero this time. maybe a person that people didn't like that much. >> how many stars? >> four out of five stars. he was an incredible actor in
3:28 am
this movie. i had so much fun
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- fight to the finish. the candidates are spending their last day campaigning in a race that is going down to the wire. >> and the focus is on the handful of crucial states that will decide the outcome. it is monday, november 5th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm paula faris. in a moment, the last gasp of campaign 2012. how the candidates are making their closing arguments in the final hours. also this half-hour, confusion and chaos in early voting in florida. the long lines, even locked doors.
3:31 am
>> always hate to see an election come down to legal battles. in florida and ohio, already legal action being taken. could be another messy one, folks. hopefully nothing like 2000. already some things to keep an eye on, that's for sure. also this morning, the standout high school football star who stepped out of bounds when he could have made an easy touchdown. the reason he did it makes this our "favorite story of the day." and later, a funny fellow with a serious message about election day. will farrell's really strange promise if you go to the polls tomorrow. it's all coming up in "the skinny." >> he is as crazy as always. make sure you stay tuned for that. first, after all the polls, the predictions and pundits. tomorrow it comes down to the people as americans choose their next president. >> with one day to go, that sounds good, doesn't it? >> yes. it does. >> the candidates are making the most of their last campaign stops in a race that appears to be extremely close. abc's jake tapper with the
3:32 am
countdown to election day. >> reporter: as the candidates crisscross battleground states, it's as if they're on different planets. both campaigns claim victory is within reach, their pitches, combinations of soaring rhetoric and needy cries to not buy what the others are selling. >> he's hoping we'll settle. americans don't settle. we build! we aspire! we dream! we can do better! [ applause ] >> they're bet is on your cynicism. but florida, my bet is on you and your hope. >> reporter: to appeal to undecided voters, sick of d.c. dysfunction, both candidates are cloaking themselves in bipartisan robes. >> i will endeavor to find the good men and women on both sides of the aisle who care more about the country than they do about politics. >> i want all parties to work together. now we are not democrats and republicans, first, we're americans first. >> reporter: as a sign of how
3:33 am
close the obama campaign thinks this could be, the president appeared in new hampshire which has four electoral votes. he was joined by bill clinton who mocked romney's pitch. >> don't pay too much attention to what our solutions are, just, just be disappointed and look at me. i look like a president. and i talk like one. and i'm telling you it's all going to be all right if you elect me. >> reporter: the president wistfully told his supporters the campaign is no longer about him or his team. >> we are no longer relevant now. we are props. because what's happened is now the campaign falls on the 25-year-old kids who are out there knocking on doors making phone calls. >> reporter: sunday evening mitt romney made an appearance in the keystone state, pennsylvania, generally regarded as reliably blue, it has not voted for a republican for president since 1988. the question is, was this the sign of a confident candidate trying to get ahead of a romney wave across the country or an
3:34 am
act of desperation for a campaign that cannot seem to break through here in ohio? jake tapper, abc news, traveling with the president in cincinnati. and there is early election trouble in florida already. a key state that will help decide tomorrow's outcome. there was chaos over the weekend at some polling places. people at one crowded miami location chanting "let us vote" as overwhelmed employees, briefly shut the doors. some people waited more than six hours in line, saturday, the last day to cast an early ballot in florida under a new state law. six hours -- i read some folks waited nine hours in line. this seems unreal, that you have to go through all of that simply to cast a ballot. >> yeah, i know that they're going to be some early voting restrictions that have been eased up here on the east coast because of hurricane sandy. i know the new jersey governor chris christie is allowing people to vote actually through e-mail. >> or fax.
3:35 am
>> yeah, or fax, which a lot of people are worried can lead to voter fraud because that system is easily hacked. you and i both know this is not going to come down to election day. it is going to come down to days after. >> i would be stunned if we are at the desk wednesday morning calling a winner. >> -- calling a winner. >> pointing out four things that could make things interesting -- the impact of the hurricane sandy. mentioned that. provisional ballots may make it impossible to know a winner wednesday morning or late tuesday night. >> in ohio. >> in several states. >> ballot printing errors, machine errors, in some states as well. then citizen poll watchers, vowing to be on both sides. that may add to some of the confusion. so, there are a lot of variables out there on tuesday that could make things, turn election night into weeks of uncertainty. it appears over, but maybe not. stay tuned. maybe by thanksgiving we could be thankful it is over. make sure you stay with abc news for complete coverage of the presidential election.
3:36 am
>> diane sawyer and george stephanopoulos will been our times square election headquarters and our team will be out in force for what we said could be a very long night, fasten your seatbelts, america. now we turn to the latest on sandy's aftermath. the storm is now being blamed for more than 100 deaths. most of those in new york state. more than a million homes and businesses still have no power, now it has been nearly a week in the dark. and the situation is growing increasingly dire. temperatures have dropped. and now a strong storm and a nor'easter in fact is expected in the region by midweek. adding to all of that misery, fuel as many of you already know is very hard to find. nearly half of all gas stations in new york city and new jersey are without power or gas. and people are waiting for hours at the ones that are open to fill up their cars or get fuel for generators back at home. meanwhile though, fema is stepping up delivering 24 million gallons of fuel through tent distribution centers.
3:37 am
you have a gas story to share, unrelated to your diet. [ laughter ] >> rationing is going to be in effect probably throughout the week. where we live, they just now stationed off an area, a gas station around the corner, orange cones set up, police officers. this was an issue, people were actually after waiting in line for hours, they were cutting in front of the person waiting there a long time. >> until the time i went to work late sunday night, i heard on megaphones, police officers making announcements to all the people that had been waiting for hours and hours. on the way here, another story, the cab driver at a stoplight. rolls down his window, speaking to another cab driver "hey, do you not where we can get gas." >> my cabbie said, "i can't drive tomorrow. i'm out of gas." >> not providing it for them. >> crazy. be careful those who fill up your tanks, post storm, in new orleans, seen it here. people will siphon gas out of your car. if you can put your car in the
3:38 am
garage. if it is still standing, try to protect your car. people get desperate and will siphon out of your tank. it is a mess when gas goes, you know has a shortage. just be careful. also on top of that, a reminder all day today here on abc and your local abc station out there unprecedented "day of giving" and your chance to pitch in and help with hurricane sandy relief efforts. >> on top of the walt disney company's $2 million cash commitment. today, abc will be helping to raise money for the red cross beginning with "good morning america" and running right through "jimmy kimmel live," all of our network and syndicated shows will be getting out the message with how you can donate on the web, through texting, and at 1-800-helpnow. >> give whatever you can. folks up here need it. as the east coast recovers, not the news we wanted to hear. a new storm is on the way here. a nor'easter hitting wednesday with more gusty winds, flooding, and drenching rain from d.c. up to southern new england. for your monday forecast,
3:39 am
chilly in the northeast, showers and thunderstorms from the carolinas to jacksonville, and new orleans to houston. rain from minneapolis to saint louis. showers in the pacific northwest. >> 60s in the northern rockies. 40s in the midwest, northeast. 70s along the gulf coast. in pittsburgh, a day at the zoo turned to tragedy. it happened at an exhibit featuring wolf like creatures called painted dogs. a 2-year-old child was lifted on to a railing by his mother to get a better view but he slipped and fell 15 feet into the pen where 11 dogs attacked him. zookeepers lured them away but had to shoot and kill one who did not respond. but they could not save the child. apparently the dogs just went into pack mode. and -- and the zookeepers were unable to -- retreieve the litte boy. >> coming up, our coverage of the countdown to election day continues. we have been telling you now for
3:40 am
months. seems like decades. about the latest polls, turns out the pollsters may have been asking the wrong question. first the talented high school athlete, stopped short of the easy touchdown. and why he is being called a hero for doing so. it is all coming up on "world news now." ♪ simply the best ♪ better than all the rest ♪ better than anyone >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by olay cream. ♪ anyone i ever met weather brought to you by olay cream. equal? introducing the newest trend in beauty. olay total effects cc cream. c for color. c for correction. [ female announcer ] fight 7 signs of aging with a flawlessly beautiful complexion instantly. we call it a phenomenon. you'll call it possibly the most exciting skin care since...olay. cc for yourself. [ female announcer ] and challenge what's possible with olay total effects cc cream.
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♪ take my heart and make it strong ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't be wrong ♪ ♪ take my heart and make it strong ♪ ♪ you're simply the best ♪ the best >> you sound just like tina. ha-ha. >> close. >> close. >> it is the highlight, a high school football star will remember for the rest of his life. with a clear shot at the end zone, he intentionally stepped out of bounds, that is why this is our boom "favorite story of the day." >> the coach and teammates cheered him on. and for good reason. it was all about the play that followed. abc's ron claiborne has more. >> reporter: for the high school junior michael farnes, he was used to making big plays on the football field. the 17-year-old running back committed to playing football for university of michigan after his team wrapped up an undefeated season this year. all the while maintaining a 4.0, gpa.
3:45 am
but it was this play in an early october game when he stepped out of bound just one yard shy of a touchdown, that has many calling farnes a hero. >> being able to make what happened, happen, you know, was more important than some statistic in a record book. >> reporter: the coach planned for farnes to run out of bound. also that the big score and the boosted spirits that come with it could go to this young man. freshman logan thompson whose father had died two days earlier after suffering a stroke. >> he meant the world to me at the time. it made me forget all the bad things that were going through my mind. >> reporter: thompson insisted despite his father's death to suit up for the game. so farnes and his teammates conspired to give the 15-year-old a special way to honor his dad. >> i think my dad would be really proud. growing up as a kid my father and i would always pass a football in the backyard.
3:46 am
>> reporter: after telling farnes to stop short of the end zone, coach mclane sent thompson into the game, his first start as a varsity running back. and a few moments later, he scored his first touchdown. >> you know when we got together to honor logan and his father. [ inaudible ] >> ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> not only his first start, but his very first carry was right into the end zone. >> that's a great story. his father was 44 years owed. his father was just 44 years old. of a young man to die of that stroke. apparently the morning that he suffered the stroke, logan grabbed a baseball bat and beat down the door to get into the room to get his dad. you can imagine what he is going through. what a great way for a team to come together. that's a fantastic story. >> sure is. >> when we come back, we will see what is shaking in "the skinny" this morning. >> stick around. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny all right, one of my favorite actors and yours is will farrell, funny man. >> got to love will. >> laugh master. >> he'll do anything. >> he has absolutely no shame. and of course, he has just released a political video. just seeking everybody to get out the vote and make sure that you vote on election day. here's what he says he will do if you vote. >> if you vote, i will eat anything you tell me to. garbage. hair.
3:49 am
human toe nails. underpants. whatever. i will do it. i am serious. i will do anything to get you to vote. i will punch myself in the face. i don't care. whatever it takes. just go to the polls on november 6th and vote. if you vote, i will eat anything. >> i believe will. i believe he will do all those things. >> he also says if you agree to vote in this year's election, i will personally give you a tattoo. fair warning, i do not know how to draw. [ laughing ] >> love you, will. he is endorsing obama in the race. i think the general message was go vote. go out there. be heard. >> go vote. go eat toe nails. >> will. oh. the big story, one of the big stories here in "new york post" sandy was the new york city marathon. first time ever in the race's history that they canceled it. mayor bloomberg was all about having it. then, after pressure and backlash really began to mount. he canceled it friday. stunned for people who traveled around the world to get here. they booked hotel rooms.
3:50 am
all that. so turned it into a big mess here. it really had divided the city. we'll cancel it and donate supplies and resources from the race to sandy victims. which to me made a lot of sense. but some celebrities decided to tweet their thoughts. joy behar. from "the view." what do you moon they canceled sunday's new york city marathon. that can't be true. paul ryan already announced that he won it. a fun, partisan comment. jimmy kimmel. wrote in. we love jimmy kimmel on the show. i'm running the nyc marathon anyway and i'm going to win. he is still with us in brooklyn. >> just last week. >> back home, jimmy. then also -- snooki, everyone's favorite star. she chimed in -- go team, help the people. they canceled the nyc marathon due to a public uproar. yea. feel accomplished? i do. thank you, snooki for all of that. a lot of folks chimed in. you know there was no right side to the debate. i think they erred. timing stunk.
3:51 am
i think they they erred on the side of sensitivity. to what the area had been through and the devastation and the property and the lives lost. so. we'll see. that debate will continue to rage. there it is. >> sad that people had arrived. taken some of the hotel rooms from those that truly needed them. because they were evacuated. >> it was messy. >> joe simpson, jessica simpson's father. her parents are getting divorced. they announced that i think last month. >> 30 years. >> there were rumors, the reason for the divorce was that he was hanging around with guys and living a gay lifestyle. he has told his family that this is not true. he says there were stories about him being gay are ridiculous. this is according to tmz. some believe him. some think he is not ready to come out publicly. >> he's defended himself. it is a messy divorce after all the years, in public. that stinks. and also -- ladies, leo dicaprio
3:52 am
is on the market, broke up with girlfriend, erin heatherton, a victoria's secret model. hopefully leo will not be on the market or sleeping alone very long. >> no. feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care.
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the rid-x septic subscriber program helps prevent backups by sending you monthly doses right to your door
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so you will never forget to maintain your system. sign up at >> also, i would like to give sincere thanks to president obama for how he handled the situation. on election day i'm voting for mitt romney. if i had to pick one guy to have my back in a crisis, it would be barack obama. i will be a good soldier and vote for mitt romney. but i'm gonna hate it. do you hear me? i will hate it. and one final note to the new jersey residents who are going through the phone book and making threatening phone calls to people named sandy, cut it out. you are being idiots. all right, be safe. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> that was "saturday night live," poking fun at the bromance between the new jersey governor and president obama in light of the storm. certainly, a relationship that speaks to our next story. >> sign language chick nailed it. >> they get a lot of attention.
3:56 am
they're going crazy. >> my husband was like i can't pay attention to anything. >> you are looking at all the signs. >> i will read, you interpret. it is about predicting the election and who voters really like. abc's john donvan shows us why pollsters should have been asking a different question. >> reporter: you can ask voters who they want to win. but ask them who they think will win? who are you going to vote for? >> romney. >> reporter: who do you think is going to win? >> obama. >> reporter: you may get -- a decent forecast of the actual outcome on tuesday. >> what people are feeling and you get a broad sense. >> reporter: justin wolfers of university of michigan just published a study on polling data where he and a colleague looked at data from hundreds of elections dating become to the 1930s asking what pollster's question was the best predictor of who got elected. it was not the obvious one -- which candidate do you prefer which they say would have predicted 69% of elections they studied accurately.
3:57 am
rather it was which candidate do you expect to win? 81% of the time voters consensus on that turned out to be correct. that's because wolfers believes, voters, real people, know things. >> the amount of information it is like you are a pollster. >> mitt romney wins the popular vote but loses the electoral college. >> it's a tie. >> reporter: let the pundits predict. it may just be that voters know best, not only what is in their own hearts but also those of everybody else in line. john donvan, abc news, washington. >> so interesting, reality versus perception. who you think is going to win versus who you want to win. interesting. psychological difference. >> who do you think is going to win? >> i'm not making any predictions. i think we'll be here for weeks talking about it. uh-uh. who do you think? >> i think the sign language interpreters are going to win. >> oh. >> you. >> you should run for office. that was a very down the middle answer. more from abc coming up next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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